I am an audiovisual artist from Graz, Austria. Initially coming from ceramics and having worked as a musician, I view Motion Graphics and Film as a logical extension of these arts. When shaping a vase or sculpture with clay, keeping in mind the rhythm and flow of your piece is essential. Even how the light falls onto and reflects off your piece affects how it will be perceived after it leaves the kiln.

In music, it is important to pay close attention to flow as well. The sound and pace of the instruments influence how the words you choose for your story are perceived. The same goes for pictures in motion. You ought to be aware of texture, light, movement, and space. If you choose the right ingredients, you get the magic of film.

As a filmmaker, I am excited every time a piece comes together, whether it is commercial work, music videos, or narrative. I believe a thorough planning process and well-executed craftsmanship go hand in hand to provide the viewer with the best possible experience. Film is not only about pretty pictures.

I strongly believe each movie should have something unique. So, I will always work with you to find the sweet spot of the story you are trying to tell.

Curriculum Vitae


2017 – 2021

FH JOANNEUM, Information Design


Ortwein School for Arts and Crafts, Ceramic Design

Work Experience

July 2020 – Now

Partnership with Art-Media, Film and Media Agency

August 2023

Release of LP „313“

August – December 2019

Erasmus+ exchange at College for Creative Studies, Detroit, MI, USA

January 2019

Studio Sponsorship of the state of Styria

April 2018

Release of LP „Mockingbird“

July 2017

Internship with Margit Steidl, Editorial Design

March 2015

Release of EP „Sail“